Custom Retrofitting

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Do you own Acorn or Pendant style Fixtures?

Are you looking to reduce your energy utilizations while preserving and maintaining the architectural or historic appeal of your fixtures?

Are you looking for a viable “Green” Solution?

If “YES”, Fiberdyne Energy has the perfect solution!
The Architectural Acorn/Pendant LED Retrofit service.

We provide a custom retrofit service to update your existing fixtures to high-intensity solid-state LED luminaries. Typically a 40 to 60% energy savings can be achieved. The LED technology has a life of 50,000 hours-- which equates to 10-12 years of operation without ever having to change a bulb (Lower Maintenance Cost). New, high-intensity technology with unrivaled LED efficiency will lead to a brighter and more ecological future for the planet we inhabit!

Fiberdyne Energy: Creating a Green Future®.
Simply send us a single fixture head and we will custom design our energy saving LED technology into your fixture. Once you approve the retrofit we can cycle your fixtures through our factory for conversion-- or we can send you customized upgrade kits for your staff to install.


  • Energy Efficiency:  Operates at a substantially lower wattage than other lighting technologies.
  • Longer Lasting:   Will operate for 50,000+ hours!  3 to 5x longer than other lighting technology.
  • Durable:  Solid state lighting technology. High shock and vibration tolerance.
  • Environmentally Friendly:  No special recycling precautions. Unlike existing lighting technologies-- No lead or mercury content!


  • Custom Solution to meet your exact requirements
  • Maintain your historic or select architectural esthetics
  • High Intensity / Long Life / Energy Saving LEDs
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved power supply for safety
  • Quick Turn-around to meet your timing requirements
LED Overhead Lighting

Let us help you fit LEDs into your life.

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